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All Déhanche products are handcrafted in Italy using materials of the highest quality. It is our intention not only to create beautiful belts but to ensure their longevity and durability through the correct use of this care guide.

For more information please contact us directly on care@dehanche.com and we will be very happy to assist you.

  • Important Information

    Your Déhanche belt was crafted using the most luxurious skins, which have unique tonal variations, marks, or veins that are natural features and should be considered characteristics of your product, not imperfections.

    To ensure that your belt ages beautifully, we recommend following these care instructions.

    Avoid exposing it to water, oil, perfume, or cosmetic products. If your belt does come into contact with water, gently blot it with a soft, light-colored absorbent cloth.

    Keep it away from excessive heat and intense light.

    Refrain from rubbing it against rough or abrasive surfaces, as this may cause light scratches. Instead, gently massage any scratches with a soft, dry cloth.

  • How should I store my belt when not in use?

    To maintain the pristine condition of your belt, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Hanging it on a belt rack or laying it flat in a drawer are ideal options to prevent creasing or distortion. When traveling, store your Déhanche belt in its protective bag.

  • Tips for Leather & Suede Care

    Calf leather is smooth and strong providing a light and durable outer for your belt. As with all animal skins, leather will naturally wrinkle and soften with age. You can gently remove surface dirt by using a clean, dry, soft cloth.

    Timeless suede is favored for its warm, velvety feel and high absorbency of rich colors. It is natural for color variations to appear due to the rub of the leather. You can gently remove surface dirt and unify the pile of the fabrication by using a soft suede brush. To maintain richness of color, ensure the belts are stored in their care bags away from any direct light or heat.

    A waterproofing spray may help protect the suede from
    light water contact. Always spot test products first to ensure

  • How do I care for belts with metal hardware or embellishments?

    Metal hardware adds a touch of refinement to your belt, but it requires special attention to maintain its shine. Wipe down metal accents with a soft, dry cloth to remove fingerprints or smudges, and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals that may cause tarnishing. Lotions, makeup and perfume will erode the metal sometimes causing the gold or silver finish to disappear.

  • How to care for 24K gold belts?

    Dehanche cannot ensure indefinite longevity for your 24k gold-plated hardware and buckles. The durability of each piece is contingent upon proper care and maintenance. Given their gold-plated nature, these items are inherently delicate and may experience color fading over time. Various factors, such as skincare products, perspiration levels and skin pH, can influence the rate of fading. We urge you to exercise particular care when handling your 24k gold belts.

  • What is the best way to clean my belt?

    Regular maintenance is key to preserving your belt. Gently wipe away any surface impurities with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may compromise the integrity of the material. The lining of your Déhanche belt is made from nubuck leather. You can gently remove surface dirt on the lining with a soft suede brush to gently smooth the pile.

  • How do I remove stains from my belt?

    Addressing stains promptly is essential to prevent them from setting into the fabric. For minor stains, gently blot the affected area with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, consult a professional cleaner experienced in handling leather or specialty materials.

  • Can I use leather conditioner on my belt?

    A neutral leather conditioner can be used to maintain the softness of the leather however ensure this is spot tested and the belt is thoroughly dry before use. Apply a small amount to a soft cloth and gently massage it into the leather in circular motions. Allow it to absorb and dry naturally before wearing.

  • How do I prevent my belt from cracking or drying out?

    Nourish and protect your leather belt with a specialized leather conditioner.
    Regular conditioning helps replenish lost moisture, keeping the leather
    supple and preventing cracking or drying out over time.

  • Can I polish my belt to maintain its shine?

    Elevate the luster of your belt with a high-quality leather polish. Choose a polish that matches the color of your belt and apply it sparingly with a soft cloth, buffing it in gentle, circular motions for a radiant finish.

  • What if I purchased the belt at a retailer?

    If you have made a purchase through one of our boutiques or stockists and believe you may have an issue with your belt, please contact the place of purchase directly so they can assist you.