A modernist approach to the most elegant accessory in your wardrobe.

The inspiration for a line of speciality belts came after the realization that it was impossible to find beautifully understated belts for everyday. The modernist aesthetic for Déhanche is inspired by vintage belts from the 80s and 90s - a time when the belt was the ultimate accessory in a woman's wardrobe.

Each belt in the collection is handcrafted in Italy and due to the rarity of speciality leather used in the designs, pieces are available only in limited quantities and drops.


Déhanche has partnered with Doconomy and the 2030 Calculator to calculate the carbon footprint of our belts based on the emissions created from manufacturing and transport up until the point of sale. The Calculator uses unique emissions factors for each of the belt parts, material, packaging, transportation and includes the lifetime methane emissions of the animal to determine the carbon footprint.

Déhanche then offsets these carbon emissions for the entire production so that the product is 2x carbon negative. The offsets are invested in micro-projects that restore the earth.