Determining the size of a belt to wear can vary depending on if you like to wear it higher on the waist or lower around the hips. On each product page, we have a size calculator that helps you understand what size we recommend.

Another way to determine your appropriate belt size is to measure a belt that you already own. Start the tape measure at the second hole from the end measure to where it meets the buckle and round to the nearest centimeter. If you measure 80 centimeters, you will need a size Small. 

If you want to style the belt over outerwear, we suggest you order one size up

Explanation of sizes

XSmall        75 cm   jeans size 23, 24       

Small           80 cm   jeans size 25, 26

Medium       85 cm   jeans size 26, 27, 28

Large           90 cm   jeans size 28, 29, 30

XLarge         95 cm   jeans size 30, 31, 32


Certain styles like the Brancusi and Undone Corset are one-sized-fits most. For custom sizing, please contact and allow between 8-10 weeks for our Italian workshop to have a piece custom made.